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😀Hello guys! This is JayZeeTee16 here, or JZTSmokenem elsewhere. :) (Smile) Today,  this is a long time update and the summer is coming to a end. Kinda sucks, but gotta deal with it.

Breakdown Preview: flowRoot4237 by JayZeeTee16
For what's happening now, I doing the first part of the Top Ten Problems Of Family Guy and lets just its :steaming:REALLY HARD! :( (Sad)Honestly, while I'm putting effort on this breakdown, I stop at Problem #7, because #10, #9, and #8 took me three days to complete ironically. As for the episodes, these are what I found and researched so far besides the obvious choices.

Brian Goes Back To College (November 13th, 2005, Season 4)
Brian Sings and Swings (January 8th, 2006, Season 4)
You May Now Kiss the...Uh...Guy Who Receives (April 30th, 2006, Season 4)
Stewie Love Lois (September 10th, 2006, Season 5)
Hell Comes To Quahog (September 24, 2006, Season 5)
Whistle While Your Wife Works (November 12th, 2006, Season 5)
Prick Up Your Ears (November 19th, 2006, Season 5)
Barely Legal (December 17th, 2006, Season 5)
Road To Rupert (January 28th, 2007, Season 5)
The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou (February 18th, 2007, Season 5)
Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey (March 3rd, 2007, Season 5
No Meals On Wheels (March 25th, 2007, Season 5)
Boys Do Cry (April 29th, 2007, Season 5)
No Chris Left Behind (May 6th, 2007, Season 5)
Movin' Out (September 30th, 2007, Season 6)
Beleive It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air (October 10th, 2007, Season 6)
Padre De Famila (November 18, 2007, Season 6)
Peter's Daughter (November 25th, 2007, Season 6)
The Former Life Of Brian (April 27th, 2008, Season 6)
Love Blactually (September 28th, 2009, Season 7)
Baby Not On Board (November 2nd, 2008, Season 7)
Tales Of a Third Grade Nothing (November 16th, 2008, Season 7)
Family Gay (March 8th, 2009, Season 7)
The Juice Is Loose! (March 15th, 2009, Season 7)
Fox-y Lady (March 22nd, 2009, Season 7)
Not All Dogs Go To Heaven (March 29th, 2009, Season 7)
420 (April 26th, 2009, Season 7)
Stew-Roids (April 4th, 2009, Season 7)
Road To The Multiverse (September 9th, 2009, Season 8)
Family Goy (October 4th, 2009, Season 8)
Brian's Got A Brand New Bag (November 9th, 2009, Season 8)
Quagmire's Baby (November 15th, 2009, Season 8)
Jerome Is The New Black (November 22nd, 2009, Season 8)
Dog Gone (November 29th, 2009, Season 8)
Big Man On Hippcampus (January 3rd, 2010, Season 8)
Dial Meg For Murder (January 31st, 2010, Season 8)
Extra Large Medium (February 14th, 2010, Season 8)
Go, Stewie, Go! (March 14th, 2010, Season 8)
Peter-Assement (March 21st, 2010, Season 8)
Brian Griffin's House Of Payne (March 28th, 2010, Season 8)
April In Quahog (April 11, 2010, Season 8)
Quagmire's Dad (May 9th, 2010, Season 8)
The Splendid Source (May 16th, 2010, Season 8) 
Partial Terms Of Endearment (June 20th, 2010, Season 8)
Excellence In Broadcasting (October 3rd, 2010, Season 9)
Halloween on Sponner Street (November 7th, 2010, Season 9)
Brian Writes A Bestseller (November 21st, 2010, Season 9)
Road To The North Pole (December 12th, 2010, Season 9)
New Kidney In Town (January 9th, 2011, Season 9) 
And I'm Joyce Kinney (January 16th, 2011, Season 9)
Friends Of Peter G (February 13th, 2011, Season 9)
German Guy (February 20th, 2011, Season 9)
The Hand That Rocks The Wheelchair (March 6th, 2011, Season 9)
Trading Places (March 20th, 2011, Season 9)
Tiegs for Two (April 10th, 2011, Season 9)
Foreign Affairs (May 15th, 2011, Season 9)
Seahorse Shell Party (October 2nd, 2011, Season 10)
Screams Of Silence: The Story Of Brenda Q (October 30th, 2011)
Back To the Pilot (November 13th, 2011, Season 10)
Thanksgiving (November 20th, 2011, Season 10)
Amish Guy (November 27th, 2011, Season 10)
Grumpy Old Man (December 11th 2011, Season 10)
Quagmire & Meg (January 8th, 2012, Season 10)
The Blind Side (January 15th, 2012, Season 10)
Be Careful What You Fish For (February 19th, 2012, Season 10)
Killer Queen (May 11th, 2012, Season 10)
You Can't Do That On Television, Peter (April 1st, 2012, Season 10)
Tea Peter (May 13th, 2012, Season 10)
Internal Affairs (May 20th, 2012, Season 10)
Into Fat Air (September 30th, 2012, Season 11)
Ratings Guy (October 7th, 2012, Season 11)
The Old Man & The Big 'C' (November 4th, 2012, Season 11)
Yug Ylimaf (November 11th, 2012, Season 11)
Lois Comes Out Of Her Shell (November 25th, 2012, Season 11)
Friends Without Benefits (December 9th, 2012, Season 11)
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! (December 23rd, 2012, Season 11)
Valentines Days In Quahog (February 10th, 2013, Season 11)
Chris Cross (February 17th, 2013, Season 11)
Call Girl (March 10th, 2013, Season 11)
Turban Cowboy (March 17th, 2013, Season 11)
Quagmire's Quagmire (November 3rd,2013, Season 12)
A Fistful Of Meg (November 10th, 2013, Season 12)
Boopa-dee Bappa-dee (November 17th, 2013, Season 12)
Life Of Brian (November 24th, 2013, Season 12)
Into Harmony's Way (December 8th, 2013, Season 12)
Christmas Guy (December 15,2013, Season 12)
Peter Problems (January 5th, 2014, Season 12)
Grimm Job (January 12th, 2014, Season 12)
Brian's a Bad Father (January 26th, 2014, Season 12)
Mom's The Word (March 9th, 2014, Season 12)
3 Acts Of God (March 16th, 2014, Season 12)
Fresh Heir (March 23,2014, Season 12)
Secondhand Spoke (March 30th,2014, Season 12)
Herpe, The Love Sore (April 6th, 2014, Season 12)
The Most Interesting Man In The World (April 13th,2014, Season 12)
Baby Got Black (April 27th, 2014, Season 12)
He's Bla-ack! (May 11th, 2014, Season 12)
The Book Of Joe (October 5th, 2014, Season 13)
Brian The Closer (November 9th, 2014, Season 13)
The 2000-Year-Old Virgin (December 7th, 2014, Season 13)
Our Idiot Brain (January 11th, 2015, Season 13)
Quagmire's Mom (February 8th, 2015, Season 13) 
Stewie Is Enceinte (March 8th, 2015, Season 13)
Once Bitten (April 19th, 2015, Season 13)
Roasted Guy (April 26th, 2015, Season 13)
Papa Has A Rollin' Son (October 4th, 2015, Season 14)
Peter's Sister (November 15th, 2015, Season 14)
Hot Pocket-Dial (November 22nd, 2015, Season 14)
A Shot In The Dark (December 13th, 2015, Season 14)
Scammed Yankees (January 17th, 2016, Season 14)
The Heartbreak Dog (March 13th, 2016, Season 14)
Run, Chris, Run (May 15th, 2016, Season 14)
Road To India (May 22nd, 2016, Season 14)

Emote: Frustrated Aw man...It seems I've taken out the most atrocious material this show has been given throughout the years. Some of the episodes here consider Meh depending on several points and The Simpson Guy isn't included for review purposes. Judging how these 111 episodes are, its literally much worse than Spongbob and Fairly Oddparents combined; Peridot Is Stressed 7and sadly I've watching these in order to get a better perspective for the breakdown. If there's anyone I'm missing, please leave it at the comments below.

Gameplay Preview:20160821 201933 by JayZeeTee16

Project Preview(s):
16 - 1 by JayZeeTee16
16 - 1 (1) by JayZeeTee16
Everything Wrong With Cat In The Hat by JayZeeTee16

Game Preview(s):My PS3 Games by JayZeeTee16
For Youtube purposes, I got a 160 gb PS3 that gonna get a capture card in the future and used a USB audio card to record the NDS/3DS games' background music with clear sound without any interruptions. Deviations are taking progress and patience, so don't expect them to happen right away. The games I for now is Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins, Sonic The Hedgehog' 06(:flameshield: Animatedno flames please) , Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Generations. The Batman games are basically the road to the upcoming 2017 Lego Batman Movie, and the Sonic games is basically preparation on what Sonic Mania and Sonic Project 2017 is gonna be. Overall, this is traditionally free time when I'm done with things. The Meeting Different __ segment with Tails is coming along and the E.W.W. Cat In The Hat is in production, so I'm gonna be busy before autumn comes around. 


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Hello everyone! I'm Jevon, the veteran Deviant around these parts. Feels great of being an artist here!…




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